NOLA Hot Sauce and Gourmet Foods Show

by Peter Fishman on July 05, 2010

Allister and I went to New Orleans, one of the great cities for spicy foods, for the NOLA Hot Sauce Show put on by Steinhauer Productions with some help from the Jacs Tailgaters.

Al and I had a great time on Bourbon and Frechmen Street, but the highlight was our first hot sauce show. I was situated next to CaJohn's.  "CaJohn" is a mentor, friend, and the person who helped get me started in the business.

It was (unfortunately) a weekend of runner-up finishes.  We were 2nd in the People's Choice award, and I was 2nd in the hot wing eating competition.  

I'll be seeing many of the hot sauce vendors in Houston at our next event.

Draeger's in Danville

by Peter Fishman on July 03, 2010

Bacon Hot Sauce has had a great initial run with online sales, and we've been looking to get into retail shops.  The first supermarket in the Bay Area started selling our product today, Draeger's in Danville.  We're really excited to be part of the Draeger's family, and a special thanks to Ken and Andy for making it happen.

If you're in the East Bay, swing by Draeger's in Blackhawk Plaza and grab a bottle of BHS!  Happy 4th of July weekend.

Shipment #2

by Peter Fishman on June 11, 2010

Yesterday, our second batch arrived.  I'm excited to have reloaded in such a short period of time.  It was a shock to our manufacturer.  Thanks for all the support in making the first batch go so quickly.  Now who's ready to consume 3888 bottles of Bacon Hot Sauce?


by Peter Fishman on June 10, 2010

Three weeks ago, I attended Baconwood, a music festival in the woods where lots of bacon was consumed.  "Baconwood started as a way to get old and new friends together in a beautiful setting with great music - and hundreds of pounds of bacon!  Born in spirit from the dust of Burning Man, Baconwood has become its own entity as it has grown slowly by word of mouth."

There was an appetizer cookoff on Saturday night before the music.  Bacon Hot Sauce made the rounds on a bunch of great bacon creations.  I loved the goat cheese stuffed dates wrapped in bacon.

Reid Spice, the founder of the festival shared his thoughts on BHS -- "Bacon Hot Sauce is the perfect blend of smoky bacon flavor and fiery heat.  Balanced and surprisingly complex, the bacon element of the sauce gives it great depth.  We love it especially on eggs!" 

Drew and Erin Romes

by Peter Fishman on June 08, 2010

Kevin, Brian, Evan, and I attended Drew's wedding last weekend in Detroit.  A fun time had by all.

Drew currently wins the prize for best picture with a Bacon Hot Sauce t-shirt in an exotic location... Phuket, Thailand.

Congrat's Drew and Erin!  And speaking of Michigan, be on the lookout for BHS at Bacon Camp at Zingerman's in Ann Arbor.

Bacon Camp SF

by Peter Fishman on May 14, 2010

Bacon Camp SF was an event put on by Karen Nguyen (to benefit the San Francisco Food Bank), and it featured over 30 people presenting a bacon dish.  BHS was out in full effect, garnering many stickers of approval.  Christian Williams, a judge and former Bacon Camp award winner commented, "Bacon Hot Sauce is spicier and thicker than most sauces and has an great smoky, bacon taste."  Thanks Mom and Dad for helping dole out the samples.'s-list-2010 

Baconfest Chicago 2010

by Peter Fishman on April 16, 2010

Eric Choi and I flew from SF to Chicago for Baconfest 2010 ( It was a fun show with some of Chicago’s best chefs competing to create the best bacon dish and some vendors selling bacon related goods (J&D’s, Bakon Vodka, Vosges, etc.). We’re now part of the club — bacentrepreneurs.

Here’s a few write ups on the event… and

Thanks to Andre and Michael for having us. We’ll see you in 2011 (at Wrigley?).

Opening Day

by Peter Fishman on April 04, 2010

With the launch of the baseball season, we are proud to announce the launch of Bacon Hot Sauce. The bottles are full, the labels are on, and now it’s time to let the bacon out. We are taking orders and look forward to your feedback.


by Peter Fishman on March 27, 2010

Swagapalooza was an event put together by Alex and Allan at Launch Hear ( on March 23rd at the DNA Lounge in SF.

Bacon Hot Sauce was one of the companies presenting alongside Equmen, HelmetLock, FotoBabble, Whitey Board, Joby, and Black Garlic.

Enjoy the clip…

Slogan Contest

by Peter Fishman on March 03, 2010

We’re looking for a slogan… Something that captures the core beliefs of Bacon Hot Sauce.

If you’re up for the challenge, or just want to be entertained by the sumissions, check out

Good luck to all entrants, a free case of BHS and a t-shirt for the winner!